EYE Frame - Past Marketing Experience

360 influencer campaign to build awareness

I led a 360 marketing campaign collaborating with an influential tastemaker in designing a brand new eyewear product.



Referral traffic generated


Of total revenue after 1st yr of launch


Increase in instagram growth rate

About JINS

JINS is a fashion eyewear brand offering prescription glasses with functional design.

Located in San Francisco with 6 stores in CA and over 609 stores globally (Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines).


1 year merchandising cycle, 2 months go-to-market

EYE Frame JINS design collaboration project hero image
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My Role

  • I led Marketing and Ecommerce teams to plan and execute the campaign, partnering with VP of Marketing.
  • As Project Manager, I collaborated with Wesley and the Japan Product team in the design phase.
  • I art directed all photo and visual assets, working closely with our Graphic Designer and Wesley.
  • I planned and executed an Influencer launch event.
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The Team

  • Creative Lead, Wesley Chan
  • VP of Marketing
  • President & Ecommerce Head
  • Merchandising Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • PR Communications Director
  • Social Media Manager
  • Sr. Product Designer (Japan)
  • Product Designer (Japan)
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  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Direction (Ecommerce and Retail, Influencer, Email, Social)
  • Creative Project Management
  • Photoshoot Production
EYE Frame model image wearing glasses from JINS Eyewear project by Kathleen Murillo portfolio

The Process


Creating a design collaboration to help drive business impact

As a fairly new brand in the US market at the time, JINS was looking to grow their audience and build awareness. Recent monthly sales targets weren’t reached and revenue growth was stagnant. JINS also wanted to explore their influencer marketing program more in a new creative way. I started the "JINS Designed By" program as a vehicle to help unlock influential tastemakers potential to design exciting new eyewear collections.

The goal of this project was to create a design collaboration campaign that builds brand awareness, increases referrals, and increases revenue.

The Challenge

Trouble growing audience and conversion

What is Functional Eyewear? It’s glasses that provide convenience, simplicity and innovation. This is a core value proposition that makes JINS competitive in the eyewear vertical. However, we observed JINS still wasn’t able to attract and convert customers, which was causing stagnant revenue growth to the business.

Goals and Objectives

🎯 User and Business Goals

  • Business Goal: Increase brand awareness, referrals, and revenue
  • User Goal: Help users easily understand the value of the new products

✔️ Objectives

  • Design an impactful new eyewear product and collaboration with an influencer
  • Create a launch campaign to distribute on Ecommerce, Store, Social Media, and Email

Project Scope and Constraints

Tight timeline and lean team

2 months

A tight go-to-market timeline due to aligning with summer season

5 marketing team members

With a lean team, we had to balance and optimize work load

1 year

Product design and manufacturing phases of the merchandising cycle

🔍 Research

Market Research of existing customer data to help define target audience

We started with finding out who our target audience was. From existing customer data, we found an interesting theme that Male Millennials were rising in the past year. With understanding our core ethnicity demographic as Asian, we moved forward with a target audience of Asian Millennial Male for this collaboration. It helped in finding the best influencer as well as understanding the end user for the newly designed product.

Product Research to understand what type of product to design

Product performance data

It was important to understand our product performance to uncover what category would be best for this design collaboration. I worked with our Merchandising Director and Ecommerce Head on gathering product sales data.

We wanted to understand what type of product was best performing since the last year. Our data revealed that JINS Switch (magnetic glasses and sunglasses in one). was the top performer. From these findings, we proceeded to focus on this type of product for the collaboration.

Customer reviews

Further research from our Ecommerce team was conducted to investigate what existing customer pain points were from past customer reviews.

We found out key areas to focus on for the new product design:

  • 72% of customers preferred durability
  • 57% of customers preferred functional eyewear over simple frames
  • 86% of customers purchased wellington frame shape

💭 How might we visually communicate the new design collaboration to customers and encourage them to purchase the new products, so conversion is increased?

💭 How might we increase brand awareness and website referrals?

💡 Ideation and Implementation

Product Design Phase

product sketches from EYE Frame project by kathleen murillo portfolio
Exploration of different eyewear components

Working closely with Wes, our VP of Marketing and the Japan product design team, they used the product research as well as their own data to help drive exploration of different materials, shapes, and pieces. I helped mainly with the project management side to ensure everyone was aligned and kept communication streamlined.

Go-To-Market Plan

Ecommerce, Store, Email, Social Media, Launch Event

All phases of the marketing were important in ensuring a successful launch of the new product to our customers. Our goal was to launch on all channels that aligned with our target audience. I led the planning and execution of each area, leading our Marketing team: Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Communications Director, with our VP of Marketing overseeing.

On Ecommerce, I spearheaded the art direction of the landing page, homepage, and product detail page. I worked closely with our Merchandising Director, Ecommerce Head, and Graphic Designer on launching these elements.

Model Imagery

Collaborating with Wes on the art direction, we brought his vision to life in a photoshoot. I led the production and ensured the new JINS Switch product was highlighted the best on-set.

To personify the EYE Frame’s clean and minimal style, we produced imagery to convey the product’s main theme. Angular elements of the background setting mimic the frame’s shape on it’s temple arms. Using a play on shadow and light, clean lines, and the model’s robotic-like demeanor, helped to put main focus on the eyewear.

Product Imagery

product imagery of EYE Frame project from Kathleen Murillo portfolioproduct imagery of EYE Frame project from Kathleen Murillo portfolio

I art directed and collaborated with product photographers to create the stylized tabletop shoot. We had Wes on FaceTime to ensure his vision was executed beautifully! To remain consistent to the minimalistic style, we translated the same theme from the model shoot into the product photography with muted tones and crisp lighting.

Impact and Outcome

For the live website, click below:

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EYE Frame, after it’s first year of launch, drove 10% of total revenue.


  • The EYE Frame became JINS core product as a best seller both online and in stores, since it’s launch for ~3 years now and still going. Three global teams across Asia also added the EYE Frame to their product offerings online and in store.
  • JINS brand awareness increased with a growth rate of 12% on instagram and over 83% engagement rate. From overall Instagram sentiment, it elevated our brand image.


  • Customers were excited and happy with the new products, especially the versatility of the frame shape and durability.


The EYE Frame campaign helped JINS explore influencer marketing and connect with their target market. It allowed the brand to reach a wider audience and highlight their core value proposition of offering highly functional eyewear.

Areas of opportunity would be especially in the research phase, I wished we were able to conduct 1:1 customer interviews to nail down what type of products they were interested in. However, with Wesley's strong vision and immense expertise by our Product Design Team, we were able to create a wonderful product. I also hoped we were able to A/B test the landing page, which I think would've helped more with optimizing conversion.

Overall, it was an amazing experience getting to collaborate with such a creative visionary like Wes. And we got to further enhance the JINS customer experience with an engaging and impactful product.

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